Design & Project Management

From the very start of a project we carefully listen to the needs of YOU, the customer. The degree of sophistication of temperature or humidity control that you require; whether capital cost or running cost is more critical; and last but by no means least, any system preferences you may have.

Now, armed with both the customer’s priorities and the characteristics of the building, we calculate the best air conditioning solutions available. In preparing our recommendation we can call upon the most modern computer programs able to produce comparative running cost analysis on possible alternative systems for each project. In this way, we provide you, the customer, with the information from which you can make an informed choice, according to your priorities


Our Contracts department are constantly aware of the critical nature of agreed programme of work required. The engineers are experienced highly trained personnel, whose knowledge is constantly updated, and who take great pride in their work.

We can, if required assume total responsibility for both the mechanical and electrical elements in the air conditioning or refrigeration project installation, and will advise on other factors which could affect the efficiency of it’s operation, not least in respect of any ancillary builder’s work that may be needed.

In short, we do everything possible to ensure that the installation goes ahead as smoothly and efficiently as possible, with the minimum amount of disruption to all concerned parties.

Service and Breakdown Cover

We can provide you with the same maintenance and servicing benefits for your existing refrigeration and air conditioning installation as well as maintaining installations that we have provided ourselves.

Our team of service engineers are capable of servicing any existing air conditioning or refrigeration installation. Our trained professionals provide 24 hour emergency breakdown cover for a variety of installations around the country.

In fact, there are various preventative maintenance schemes from which to choose, all tailored to suit your system, backed up by the 24 hour breakdown cover and the most comprehensive warranty, should the unexpected occur.

Preventative Maintenance

To provide the conditions desired, it is vital to maintain the equipment properly, both to prevent breakdowns and to extend the life of the equipment.

Having designed and installed the system, we are the best people to look after it on a preventative maintenance program. We have a team of trained maintenance engineers whose job is to do just that.

A preventative maintenance program will contribute to your peace of mind and to your company’s bottom line, since, by ensuring the equipment operates at it’s optimum high efficiency, the running costs are minimized, and at the same time the life of the equipment is extended thereby protecting your capital investment.